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About Us




We believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Empowerment starts within, by having confidence in your own body. We are the expert in total weight control solution to help you take care of your body in the correct, safe, and reliable way.




Our Story

FITNÈ is a brand under New Concept Product Company Limited which was established since 1985 with the vision of providing the best herbal beverage to take care of our customers health.

Since then, FITNÈ has become the main stable for weight control solution of our customers in Thailand and now we have expanded to provide the best products for our customers across the globe!





For Our Customers

Because you are the best when you are confident, FIT, and healthy. Our vision is to be part of your life in aiding you to becoming the Best Version of Yourself.

Therefore, FITNÈ has been developing and introducing multiple health products such as FITNÈ herbal infusion tea, FITNÈ functional coffee, and FITNÈ chocolate drink.






High Quality Standards

FITNÈ standards are world class, which ensure the most reliable products for our customers. We use the best quality ingredients, a modern technological manufacturing process, and our products are thoroughly safe.

We have been certified with several international manufacturing standards such as GMP; GMP PIC/S; ISO9001; BRC ISSUE8; ISO/IEC17025 and HALAL. Our FITNÈ Coffee White Kidney Bean Extract took the 2017 Gold Awards by Monde Selection as well.